Frequently Asked Questions

A Shika loan is given for a period of 30 days.

Repayment is flexible within this period meaning you can pay the loan amount daily, weekly or at the end of the month.

Timely reminders will be sent to you as you get close to the repayment date just in case you forget.

Immediately contact the Shika-app customer care team at or through the HELP option in the app.

Click on the Repay Icon on the Shika App homepage to view your loan due date as well as you pending repayment amount.

Through the app:

i) Click on the Repay Icon on your Shika App Home page
ii) Click the COPY button which will copy the Shika Paybill and the app will prompt you to another screen. Click the REPAY button and it will redirect you to your SIM toolkit


Directly on MPESA:

iii)Go to Safaricom SIM Toolkit
iv) Select Lipa na M-pesa option
v) Select the Pay bill Option
vi) Enter the following Business number: 811655 or long press to paste it
vi) Enter the phone number you registered with as your account number
vii) Enter the amount owed
viii) Enter your M-pesa PIN
ix) Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation SMS stating that you have repaid your loan.

Contact customer care and attach the Mpesa message or a screenshot of the transaction through our email: or send us a message through the HELP option in the app.

We encourage early loan repayment as this can result in you attaining a higher loan limit faster.

Late payment will incur a roll over fee of 10% on top of the initial loan amount and facilitation fee due for repayment. Penalty charges start accruing the next day after your repayment due date, that is, on the 31st day from when your loan was issued.

If a loan is not repaid within 60 days from the day it was issued, the user will be listed at the Credit Reference Bureau therefore making the individual unable to access credit facilities from our platform or anywhere else.

This is a third part company that is contracted to recover funds that are past due or accounts that are in default on behalf of Shika App

We are unable to push repayments date. Our advice is that you try to make repayments as soon as possible to avoid penalties and also avoid the system from listing you as a defaulting client preventing you from future access to our services.