Frequently Asked Questions

Loans are available to individuals who live in Kenya and have a Kenyan Identification Card. They should also have an MPESA registered phone number.

The Shika app is available for Android phones running KitKat (5.1) or higher.

A loan is approved or rejected based on the MPESA statement messages on your mobile device as well as the individual’s current credit listing status (rating and score) at the Credit Reference Bureau.

A minimum of 3 months MPESA statement messages on the user’s current mobile device is required.

The system makes a new assessment every time you request for a loan from Shika- app. It is important that you maintain a good credit history at all times.

Once you are registered with us follow the steps below to request for a loan:

1. Key in your phone number that was verified by the Shika followed by your PIN.
2. Once logged in select Request Loan.
3. Key in the loan amount you want as per your limit.
4. Key in your PIN number
5. Select confirm
6. You will receive an MPESA SMS with the amount requested for in less than 30 seconds.

You can only register or have an account on one device only.

Once you are a registered user you will receive a notification detailing your personal loan limit when you press the loan request button.

The current lowest loan amount limit issued by Shika once eligible is Kshs. 500.



When you press the loan request button a notification will appear showing you how much you qualify for or why you don’t currently qualify for a loan.

The facilitation fee is 15% of the amount borrowed. This fee caters for the MPESA transaction costs, handling costs, service charge as well as app maintenance. The fee is a flat rate and does not change.

The app will request you to confirm the loan request twice before it is processed. You can cancel at any of two stages you are asked to confirm the loan request.

This might be as a result of:

i) The Mpesa system being slow or is down. Once Mpesa services are back up, the amount borrowed will reflect in your account shortly. We will also notify you if there is an Mpesa breakdown.

ii) If your loan still has not reflected in your Mpesa account 30 minutes from the time you requested it, kindly contact the Shika customer care on:

iii) Your internet connection might have timed out when requesting for a loan. Kindly check that you are connected to the internet and retry.